Make A Special Gift

By choosing any of these special gifts, you play a vital role in improving the lives of animals in need and supporting Rescue PAWS’ mission to provide care, love, and hope to our four-legged (mostly) friends.

Dogs Bed and Blankets
Beds and Blankets
Create a cozy haven for our dogs by donating soft blankets and comfortable dog beds. Your gift ensures they have a warm and comfortable place to rest, making their time at our shelter or clinic more comfortable.
Dog Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Make a birthday extra special by donating a specially crafted birthday cake for a pack or a clinic pup or cat. Your generous gift ensures that our furry friends get to celebrate your special day with a tasty treat.
Doggy Toolkit
Doggy Tool Kit
Keep our dogs safe and well-prepared for walks and activities by providing essential accessories. Your donation of collars, leashes, grooming supplies, and harnesses ensures their security and comfort.
food on the feeding run
Feast for a Day
Help us provide a feast fit for a pack of hungry stray dogs. Your donation covers a day's worth of high-quality food, including chicken, vegetables, and treats, ensuring these dogs enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal together.
Annual Sponsor
Sponsor an Animal for a Year
As a Rescue P.A.W.S. sponsor, you provide a lifeline to animals in desperate need. 100% of your sponsorship goes towards taking care of your sponsored dog or cat. Sponsorships provide us with a lifeline and allow us to care for more animals who are in desperate need...
Sponsor Bravecto
Mange is one of the biggest issues that we see here in Thailand, yet it is so easy to solve. A single dose of Bravecto can change a dogs life.
Toys and Treats
Toys and Treats
Bring joy and mental stimulation to our dogs by contributing toys and treats. Your donation keeps their tails wagging and minds engaged, making their days brighter and more enjoyable.
Training Sessions
Training Time
Improve our dogs' behaviour and increase their chances of finding loving homes by offering training sessions or classes. Your support helps these dogs become more adoptable and well-behaved companions.