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Community Outreach

Turning our passion into action, Rescue P.A.W.S, began our community outreach program to educate and assist those in need. We believe education and access to resources such as medical care, advice and sterilization procedures will lead us towards better standards of animal welfare.

Through our community events, we are spreading awareness and knowledge and offering a helping hand to those who are working towards our goals with us. As we build relationships and change attitudes in the community, we are seeing a huge difference to the care of the animals around us.

What we do

The Rescue P.A.W.S. Community Outreach Program focuses on travelling to different areas where street dogs and cats are found most often. These areas are typically temples, beaches and the back country roads less travelled. Our routes see us providing food and basic medical care as well as providing food to local rescuers and feeders. Our team take the time to teach the local carers and feeders of these community animals the basics of animal care and how to identify signs of sickness and injury.

How we help

The objective of the program is to offer accessible vet care, sustainable food supplies and assistance that allows animals to be treated before the sickness or injury progresses. Our aim is to share resources and empower the local rescuers in the area. By coming together, we hope to improve the standard of animal welfare and offer accessible assistance to those in need. By preventing and treating illness in the field, we can keep our kennels and onsite clinic available for more serious cases that require around the clock care.

In addition to our stray animal sterilization program, Rescue P.A.W.S. offers a variety of other dynamic community outreach resources. Below are additional services we offer:

  • Low-cost vet care
  • Food distribution to stray packs and local feeders 
  • Mobile vaccination clinic
  • Donation-based clinic providing spay and neuter services to owned pets and single rescuers caring for animals in the community.
  • an education program for local and international schools focused on providing educational talks and presentations for students and various organizations throughout the region as well as offering onsite tours for visitors who are interested in our work.
  • local and international adoption program (view adoptable animals here)
  • Sterilization events for the community