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Sterilization & Vaccination

With nearly 1 million stray dogs on the streets of Thailand, it is now more important that ever that we take steps to improve the standard of animal welfare around the country. As the number of stray animals continues to rise year after year, injury, sickness and disease pose a huge public health risk to humans as well as the stray population.
Dog population management is a multifaceted concept aimed to improve the welfare of free roaming dogs and reduce problems they may present. As an organization, Rescue P.A.W.S. not only strives towards creating a better future for the stray animals of Thailand, but to educate local people on how they can help tackle the problem humanely. Capture, neuter, vaccinate, release (CNVR) is recognized as the most humane and effective way to improve stray dog welfare and reduce the overall population over time.
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Community Veterinary Care
Trauma Sponsor
  • Improve the welfare of dogs and cats (both stray and owned)
  • To humanely and effectively reduce the overpopulation of street dogs and cats in Thailand
  • Minimize the stress and pain on the body caused by multiple pregnancies
  • Eliminate vaccine preventable disease spreading through the community
  • Reduce the spread of cancer and sexually transmitted canine disease such as TVT
  • Reduce fighting and therefore fight related injuries
  • Reduce nuisance behaviour and public health risk to the people of the community
  • Feeding runs and befriending local packs allows us to locate animals in need of sterilization or medical attention
  • Community members reporting animals in need of sterilization or assistance
  • Pets owned or semi-owned by low-income community members are brought in for sterilization
  • Our community outreach team professionally capture dogs in need of sterilization through different techniques such as feeding cages and darting

When we have a stray animal come into our care, we take a unique approach in our procedures, as it differs from a mass sterilization clinic. We ensure the dogs are looked after properly and with the utmost care. Each of our animals is given some much-needed recovery time in our kennels post sterilization– this period ensures that we can provide proper after care and ensure a quick recovery. When the animal is given a clean bill of health, we release them back to their packs. If the animal is sick, they remain in our care, receiving proper medication and treatment until they are healthy enough to return to their pack.

How much does it cost per sterilization?

It costs approximately 1,000 -1,500 Thai Baht for us to sterilize and vaccinate a dog.

Are sterilizations free?

As part of our community outreach project, stray animals, community animals and those owned by low-income families are sterilized for free. In order to continue sterilizing disadvantaged animals, we rely on the donations we receive from animal lovers. We are also happy to sterilize pets, however, we do ask that a donation be made to the organization in return. 

Do you hold community events?

Our team regularly run sterilization events as part of our community outreach project where all animals are welcome to be sterilized and vaccinated.

Though Rescue P.A.W.S. focuses mainly on sterilization, we will do all that we can to help those in need. Through our community outreach program, we are striving to improve the standard of animal welfare in the area and help where we can. Should you find an animal in need you can contact us for information and advice. Please keep in mind that we are a small organization and, due to limited space, we may not always be able to take in an animal. However, in the case that we are unable to take an animal in, we will treat the animal in its current location. In the event that you find an animal in need please contact [email protected] or call us at 0902328709 with the location and information on the animal and we will try our best to help.