Rescued, Rehabilitated & Rehomed

Success Stories

These animals are our inspiration for our work every day. They give us hope to continue to make lasting impact, each and every day.  

Animals we've successfully adopted out


Copper was found with him siblings on a country road. After being dumped when they no longer required their mothers milk they would never have made it on the street all alone. Thankfully they were found and Copper is now living an amazing life in Montana, USA. Camping, hiking and swimming in rivers and lakes, Copper has found the perfect home.


Dumped and slowly starving, Shilo was found on the streets after being dumped. Though we will never know his whole story, it is believed he was dumped by a breeder due to a small patch a white fur on his black coat. Today, Shilo is having the time of his life with his new sister Ava and his family right here in Hua Hin. Beach walks, tuk tuk rides and vacations, Shilo has gone from rejected to deeply loved.


Rachel was born to a life on the streets. Suffering from mange and parasites, Rachel and her siblings arrived at Rescue P.A.W.S. in a shocking condition. Sadly, the pups arrived with parvovirus, a deadly disease, which took the lives of 2 of the litter. Thankfully, Rachel and her 2 remaining brothers made a full recovery and all went on to find their own homes. Sweet little Rachel is now living her best life in Toronto Canada, where she couldn’t be more loved. 


Beetlejuice was found alone on a golf course suffering from a severe fungal infection. The skin disease had caused a lot of fur loss and sores across his body. As days turned to weeks, his condition went from bad to worse. Thankfully, Beetle was found and treated and made a full recovery. Beetle’s story travelled far and wide and it was no surprise that he was quickly adopted. Though he had to wait a while he soon jetted off to start his new life. Today, he is living it up in Vancouver, Canada where he is winning hearts left, right and centre.


Sandy’s life got off to a rough start. Constantly attacked by packs of dogs on the beach, Sandy had no where to go and no one to look out of him. Thankfully, Sandy was found by a wonderful couple who brought him to Rescue P.A.W.S.. A few months after arriving, Sandy was adopted to New Hampshire, USA. It took time to find him a flight volunteer but as soon as he arrived, his new family were in love. He is now working on building trust with other dogs and explore the woods and beauty that New Hampshire has to offer.


Phil (Rachel’s brother) was the smallest of his littler. As little as he was in size, he made up for in personality. After recovering from parvovirus, Phil had to watch as his friends and siblings got adopted one by one. A post to our Facebook page from Phil to the attention of his new owner Callum. Phil is now living in Scotland with his new sister Dina. 

From Callum
Phil is honestly amazing, I  can’t believe sometimes how little time he’s been here, he’s really made it his home already! Everyone we meet is in love with him and his relationship with my other dog Dina is wonderful, they’re best pals! Constantly playing and lots of kissing. We had a long weekend away to Skye with them both recently and Phil absolutely loved being out in nature and climbing all the hills. He was particularly fascinated by the sheep! He’s doing so brilliantly and we’re so in love with him.