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A career at Rescue P.A.W.S. is much more than a job. It is an opportunity to join a family, and to join a movement much bigger than ourselves. We are a dedicated group of individuals who share a passion for creating a healthier, safer world for these animals. To enquiry about careers or internships at Rescue P.A.W.S. please contact [email protected].


There are currently no vaccancies.


Marketing & Public Relations Internship

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Our Marketing Internship encompasses in-depth lessons, mentorship, and practical experience in charity marketing. Our programs are molded with each individual participant in mind, utilizing their skills and passions as well as offering new and useful skills. Individuals looking to get into the competitive world of marketing or wanting to evolve their existing abilities will find invaluable experience in our placements while also getting to enjoy the great parts of our animal welfare volunteer program, including cultural excursions and beach walks! Marketing Interns are mentored, monitored, and supported by our partners at XploreAsia so they get the most out of this rewarding charity marketing internship.

Veterinary Student Internship

Our Vet Student Internship mixes animal shelter tasks with practical, hands-on experience in veterinary care. Assist our vets with procedures (depending on experience), administer wound care, and perform health checks for the animals in our care. Our challenging but enriching internship will offer vet students the skills, experience, and knowledge they need to thrive in a career in animal welfare, and will test their understanding through regular assignments and practicals that prepare them for the world of veterinary care.