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Mina found herself in a challenging situation after being left at a temple, where she unfortunately had an accident with a car, leaving her back legs paralyzed. While she still has some sensation, we are hopeful about the possibility of her regaining some mobility in her hind legs. Considering her circumstances, returning to the temple isn’t an option since they lack the resources to properly care for her. When she first arrived, Mina was severely underweight, with wounds on her hind legs from trying to move around. Through our daily physiotherapy sessions, we’ve been getting to know her gentle nature more each day. Even though she’s now safe with us, her disability poses difficulties, and we worry about her chances of finding a new home. We’re committed to offering her the affection and assistance she needs, and giving her the best life possible.

Setting Up Your Sponsorship Via Bank Transfer

Rescue P.A.W.S. is a project of For Future Foundation, a registered charity in Thailand (registration number: 3/2561). Direct bank transfers can be a quick and cost effective way of making your donation to Rescue P.A.W.S.. 

If you wish to set up your sponsorship via bank transfer please email [email protected]

Please Note: Our Thai bank account does not provide information on where the donation has come from. Once you have made your donation, please email [email protected]. Your email should include your name, the amount of your donation, the currency, the name of the country of the bank account to where you made your donation and the name of the animal that you would like to sponsor. 

How sponsorships work

What Happens When You Sponsor Mina?

100% of your sponsorship goes towards taking care of your sponsored dog or cat. Your sponsorship allows us to provide our animals with shelter, food, medicine and veterinary care as well as toys and special treats.

Sponsorships provide us with a lifeline and allow us to care for more animals who are in desperate need of help!

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