There are numerous methods of donating to our cause. Firstly, if you are in the local area, you can pop into our centre and leave a cash donation. We would be happy to talk about our mission with you if you pop in to say hello!

If you wish to make a donation online, you can do so by visiting our donations page which will direct you to our PayPal. It is important to note that we are subject to PayPal charges of 3.4% for every donation we receive via this method.

You can also submit money directly into our associated bank account, through online banking or by processing it at your local bank. The information you require is on our donation page.

If you are in the local area, you can also drop off any material donations to our centre. Things we require include towels, toys, dog food, leads, general animal care products and cleaning supplies, as well as veterinary medications (such as flea and tick treatments or shampoos for mange).

Many of our volunteers will also bring donations with them when they come to stay with us. If you know any volunteers who will be visiting us soon, be sure to get in contact with them about arranging for them to bring your donations.

Alternatively, you can send us care packages to one of our partner organisations, Xplore Asia, at:

บรษททชเอกซพลอรเอเซยจกด 11/11 ซอยหวหน 43 ถ.เพชรเกษม ต.หวหนอ.หวหน จ.ประจวบครขนธ 77110 ประเทศไทย

In English:
Xplore Asia C/O Rescue P.A.W.S.
11/11 Soi Hua Hin, 43, Phetkasem Road, T. Hua Hin, A. Hua Hin Prachuab, Khiri Khan, 77110 Thailand

(We would recommend printing out the Thai address and including this on the care package)

Be sure to let us know that you donated to us by tagging us in a Facebook update so that we can thank you personally.

The donations we receive go towards the care of the animals, equipment and running costs of the operation. Your contributions help us in our mission to improve the lives of stray dogs in Hua Hin.

Still have questions?