Operations Manager

Charity marketing jobs with Rescue Paws.

Our donors and volunteers are the lifeblood of Rescue Paws. The Operations Manager ensures that Rescue Paws has the volunteers and financial support necessary to operate our organization by overseeing marketing efforts, volunteer recruitment, volunteer bookings, fundraising, and the volunteer program. This position will directly supervise, and work closely with, the volunteer coordinator.

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual who can increase our volunteer participation, help our organization grow and make sustained progress toward our mission. The right person for this position will have strong organizational skills and a friendly, warm, personality.  The Operations Manager reports to the Director.

Role and Responsibilities

Rescue Paws Team.

Volunteer Program Management 40%

Supervise volunteer coordinator

Manage volunteer bookings

Recruit, schedule, and prepare volunteers for their visit

Oversee volunteer orientation process

Ensure the smooth operation of Rescue Paws by maintaining a high level of animal care, sanitation and professionalism

Marketing and Fundraising 35%

Advertise organization on multiple platforms to recruit volunteers

Maintain branding standards

Oversee social media marketing

Lead fundraising efforts and special fundraising campaigns

Order and keep inventory

Community Outreach 25%

Spread awareness of our mission through marketing and outreach efforts

Build partnerships within the community, region and internationally.

Lead community education efforts

Oversee youth educational programs

Role Considerations

Physical Demands

While performing this job, you will be required to continually walk, stand, squat, twist, kneel, reach and grab with your hands and arms, in addition to being able to lift and move animals, materials and equipment weighing 40 lbs or more. Work is subject to frequent interruptions.

You will be exposed to various weather conditions when working outdoors. You will be exposed to disinfectant solutions while cleaning. You will be consistently exposed to animals and animal allergens, including hair, dander, saliva, fecal matter, urine, zoonotic disease, fleas and other mites or bugs. You may also be exposed to other potential hazards including animal bites and scratches.

Mental Demands

While performing this job, you will be regularly required to use written and oral communication skills; observe and interpret situations; analyze and solve problems; learn and apply new information and skills; perform repetitive work on multiple, concurrent tasks; fulfill intensive deadlines; and interact with staff, the public, volunteers and others encountered in the course of work in a professional and courteous manner. You will witness injury and illness of animals treated at Rescue Paws and in the community.

Minimum Requirements

First and foremost, the candidate for this position must have a passion for animal welfare.

At least one year of management experience is a must. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, nonprofit leadership or a related field preferred, or equivalent experience. Applicants with experience working for a nonprofit organization preferred.  

Must be vaccinated for rabies.

Ability to drive a manual transmission preferred.

Minimum one year contract

Job Benefits

Free accommodation is provided. After a 90-day probationary period, the employee will begin to earn 1 personal day per month. Health insurance will also be provided after 90 days of employment. During the first 90 days of employment, Rescue Paws will cover 50% of the costs associated with obtaining the required visas. After 90 days of employment, 100% of visa fees will be covered by Rescue Paws. Wage is dependent on level of experience. 


To apply, please submit your CV and a letter of interest to admin@rescue-paws.org. Please use, “Operations Manager Application” as the subject of your email.