International Adoption


International Adoption

Rescue Paws is now offering International Adoptions to safe and caring homes all over the world. Our goal is to find a loving and caring home for animals all over Hua Hin, while also dramatically reducing the amount of suffering the animals face in the area. International Adoptions are a safe, affordable way to take part in changing the lives of animals around the world. Choosing to adopt a dog from Thailand will change a dog’s life forever, leaving it to no longer have to face the harsh reality of life on the streets of Thailand. We offer happy, healthy dogs for adoption.

How We Help You

Rescue Paws aims to assist a those looking to adopt a dog by providing a select few dogs in great condition with a happy and calm mentality while also providing all of the health checks, vaccinations and sterilizations necessary for your new friend to be safely transported home. Generally, you will need to provide medical records and health certificates, rabies vaccine card, micro-chips and blood work. Upon adoption, Rescue Paws will happily provide all of these services and certificates for you and your animal.

We provide:

  • Health certificates
  • Vaccinations and associated certifications
  • Sterilizations
  • Micro-chipping
  • Blood work and required checks


One should not worry about the adaptability of a Thai dog to a more western lifestyle. Thai dogs are extremely friendly and savvy. When it comes to climate, many assume that because dogs and cats have fur, they can adapt easily to the cold. That is not always true. Pets with thick, multi-layered coats can more easily bear the cold than those with thin, short coats. Conversely, animals with thin, single layered coats fare much better in humid, warmer climates as opposed to those with thick, multi-layered coats. So it is important to take into consideration your climate when selecting and adopting an animal.

General Tips for adapting to climates

  • Make sure you acclimatise your pet to your new climate gradually. Take your dog for walks in the day and evening to get him used to all temperature extremes, starting with shorter walks and steadily getting longer. With indoor cats, let them out for briefer periods in the beginning, then increasing.
  • Groom your pet’s coat to suit the climate. Longhaired dogs and cats should get a trim for warmer weather, and especially for warm humid weather, where a long coat can actually develop a moldy smell. For cold weather, let your pet’s hair grow out a little, as long as you keep it groomed.

Mostly, use common sense and your pet will adapt to the new climate in a few weeks.


For international adoption, a dog can either be shipped via the cargo of a plane or can sometimes travel with a flight volunteer who happens to be flying to your country.

Country Cargo Costs Cargo Timescale
USA USD $800-$1200 Around 1 month
Canada CAD $800-$1200 Around 1 month
UK £1,500 4-6 months
Europe €800-€1,200 + Flight Cage cost + €90 for blood test 4-6 months
Country Flight Volunteer Costs Flight Volunteer Timescale
USA USD $200-$500 + Flight Cage cost Around 1 month
Canada CAD $200-$500 + Flight Cage coset Around 1 month
UK £700 4-6 months
Europe €300-€500 + Flight Cage cost + €90 for blood test 4-6 months
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